The focus of IACD is to provide world-class systems integration and engineering services worldwide in the areas of Industrial Automation, Process Controls, and Material Handling over a wide range of industries such as Pharmaceutical, Petrochemical, Nuclear and Traditional Power Generation, Semiconductor, Food, Pulp and Paper, Water, Rubber, and Metal. In addition, working with these industries to promote the value and initiate implementation of safety integrated and certified systems and equipment. 

IACD is composed of a diverse group of highly skilled engineering professionals who possess many years of real world knowledge and experience. Drawing on these talents and utilizing an endless variety of technologies and components, IACD listens to the needs of our clients to provide innovative solutions of the highest quality, and built with exceptional features, flexibility and ease of use.

From general consulting to developing complete turnkey systems, IACD will implement a  cost-effective strategy tailored to your specific requirements. Rather than partner with a select group of companies, we maintain extensive relationships with many industry-leading manufacturers. This ensures that the final project is based on the technologies and components which best meet the cost, performance and system reliability needs of the customer, not on affiliations with specific manufacturer product lines who might not exactly fit these needs.

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